Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Thailand | what I have packed

You may or may not have heard. I am going to Thailand for a month in less than a week! I cannot wait however right now I am feeling very stressed about what to pack. I obviously know I need my passport and money and that type of thing. But once your clothes and essentials are packed, I always think what else do I need. Will I need books to read? certain makeup for the weather? certain skin care? This is why I decided to write a post about what I have decided to pack. I have not tried a lot of these because I've bought them especially for Thailand, so when I'm back I may even do a what I thought about all of them!

Starting off, the books I have chosen to take with me are...

I haven't read either books but have read from the authors before and had heard some amazing things about these! They are very similar to my normal genre of book so I assume I will like them. I love having books on holiday to read and relax when I have the chance since I don't tend to get much chance when I am home.

I got these in Tesco for 2 for £7 pound which was a great price!

Next I have a notebook and travel book...

I had the notebook for my birthday so I'm not sure where it is from but I love it. The travel book includes a a book to write all your information, itinerary, contacts etc and I thought it would be an amazing idea. I got this from Marks and Spencers on sale christmas time!

I would love to be able to write about my adventure so I can read about it when I'm home and remember everything! These 2 books are perfect for this!

Make up to take with...

I like to pack light makeup wise, I normally bring bare essentials. Here are some of the new makeup bits I have bought especially! The body shop powder I have had before, and I swear by it! However the other two piece I have never tried before but heard some great things!

On flight essentials


I can't go without some wipes, hand cream, hand sanitizer and moisturiser! These are so important to help the skin not dry out during the flight and to stay clean and hygienic! I have never tried these before but will be sure to update on them!

Carry on luggage

I always recommend bringing extra clothes with you in your carry on, just in case your suitcase goes missing! I normally pack a bikini, spare clothes and few makeup bits that I would be lost without.

I try to keep myself as busy as possible on a plane to make it go faster. Listening to music is a great way to pass time, or to download some films beforehand on your phone or tablet and watch them. I will be making sure to do this so I have some things to watch. Most likely downloading some Gossip Girl and Pretty little liars as I am still not up to date on either.

These are a few of the things I will be bringing to Thailand that some people may not think about!

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Friday, 4 August 2017

Why I am going to Thailand?

You may or may not have heard from Twitter and Instagram. I am going to Thailand from August 9th until the 5th of September. I have decided to write this to basically explain why I am suddenly jetting off to Bangkok all alone. So here is my question and answer on why I am going to Thailand. 

What is my plan for Thailand?

I am taking part in Camp Thailand. You may have heard of this, they also do camp America, Canada etc. Basically, I go out meet a group of people just like me and have an itinerary filled with fun things to do one of which is teaching children in a school. I get to receive a TEFL course certificate where I can teach English as a foreign language around the world. I will also be going to elephant sanctuaries, beaches, Bangkok, going to see monkeys, temples and so much more!

Why did I decide to not go travelling alone?

Although yes, I am technically alone because I don't know any of the people I am going to travel with, I wanted to still be in a group and make new friends rather than being alone, by myself. It just makes me feel safer and I think I would enjoy it more. Being someone with anxiety it is hard to put myself out of my comfort zone and believe this is something to really test myself, so I want to feel as happy and safe as possible to enjoy myself.

What is Camp Thailand and how do I join?

Firstly you will find more information HERE
Camp Thailand is somewhere you are able to travel and work in Thailand and meet people while doing so. There are four camps to choose from, I chose Camp A after looking at the itinerary but you decide which you want to attend.  It is perfect for people taking a gap year, or want to go travelling or just finished uni or just starting. Whatever your case is, its perfect. There are certain requirements such as must be 18+ but you can find all that on the website.

What am I most looking forward to?

Seeing elephants!!! I cannot wait to see them, they are such gorgeous animals and I just think it will be an out of this world experience. I am also so excited to just see Thailand since it is known for being such an amazing place and so pretty.

Am I more nervous or excited?

Currently, it's excitement. I know once I get to the airport and I'm alone It will be nerves and the 'why am I doing this' thoughts will sink in. Once I get there and meet everyone I am sure I will feel excited again for the next month of my life. 

Here is some of the things I have lined up..

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Saturday, 29 July 2017

Should you add a derma-rolling kit to your skincare routine?

I recently was able to work with a lovely company called LouLou Loves and we talked about how I tend to have problems with my skin. Just things like acne and acne scarring, which I am very self conscious of. After looking through her lovely website I came across something called a 'Premium 4 in 1 Derma-Rolling kit'. I had heard before of people getting their skin needled and it really helping remove scars and blemishes. It does this by creating extremely small holes in the skin (you won't notice them and there is no blood) to let moisture go in from your moisturisers rather than just sit on top of the skin. After time your skin becomes thicker and tighter and just has a healthier glow. I had looked into it before but realised it was rather pricey and I knew I probably wouldn't be able to afford to that. Seeing this product I straight away knew I wanted to give it a go, just to see if it actually did work.

You can find it here for £29.99 currently on sale down to £23.99 and you can use my discount code I got just so it is even more affordable which is OCTOBER15 for 15% off.

When I got sent the product I straight away wanted to give it a go. It was easy to use especially with the free E-book I was sent which explains exactly how to use it, what it does and any other general questions you may have about it.

It comes with a roller for the face, eyes and body. I used the face one first as this is my concern area. I followed the instructions first off to cleanse the skin. I did my normal routine before drying of my skin. I then chose the face roller and rolled it across the skin in different direction. It wasn't painful what so ever, I couldn't feel the needles just felt like something was being rolled over my skin. After I had done this and knew It had been over my skin a few times, I used my No7 Moisturiser just like normal.

I will be doing this roughly once a week, so I give my skin time to build up and become stronger. I have already felt my skin feels a little tighter and some scarring has faded a fair bit. I am really impressed with it so far, especially with some results I have seen people have from skin needling over time. Maybe in the next coming months I will be able to show a before and after to show just how well it can work.

Overall I am really impressed with this product and do think adding it to your skincare routine could make a huge difference. Whether its wrinkles, cellulite, acne scarring so much more it can help with. If you look at the customer reviews on the site you can see how many women it has helped so far.

Give it a go you have nothing to lose!

You can find the 4 in 1 derma-rolling kit here and remember to use the code OCTOBER15 for 15% off. 

It is so simple to use and if you're like me and have tried so much on the market but haven't found the right thing that helps your skin yet, try this out.

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Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Liebster Award | Nominated by Queen Sapphire Lifestyle

I want to thank @QueensapphireUK for nominating me to do this. I love reading and taking part in all these posts. Basically, the Liebster award is something bloggers nominate other bloggers to do online to connect with other bloggers. You have probably seen so many other bloggers do it by now, so here is my own version. 
 Here are my questions and answers, I hope you enjoy 
1.What is one makeup/skincare product you just can't live without? 
I love so many different makeup and skincare products for so many reasons. However, I think my favourite is The body shops powder. Simply because I don't know what I would do without their powder. It is the best powder I have ever used. So full coverage and lasts ages. Honestly can't recommend it enough. I cannot live without it, I always have one on me everywhere I go. 
2. If you could move anywhere and money wasn't an issue, where would you move to and why? 
This I found quite hard as there is so many places I'd love to visit but when it comes to actually moving there its a different story. I narrowed it down to 2 and they are quite different. One is Australia, not quite sure where exactly, simply because in the future I want to live in Australia for at least a year. it looks incredible and has always been a dream of mine. Another is Brighton, I recently visited and I have decided I want to move there after uni and when I have a job. It is just incredible. 
3. What is the best thing that has happened to you this year so far? 
This year hasn't been great for me quite honestly. I did kind of struggle with this question. Although this hasn't happened yet its sorta happening in 2 weeks and knowing about it is the best feeling so travelling to Thailand. Knowing I can actually travel and see so many incredible things and be able to afford to do so myself. It is just one of the best things ever. 
4. What is one thing about yourself that you wouldn't change for the world? 
I'm a good friend.I sweet and kind and considerate and would do anything to help someone. I love that about myself as I know too many people who are only out to help themselves. I always want to better myself and not be so judgemental, I find people really need to be there for each other. I like to think I'm the friend you could talk to about anything and know I won't judge you. Why would anyone want to change that? 
5. How do you feel about the blogging community? 
I see so many people on twitter and online who have made incredible friends and improved their lives so much. So I sorta have to love it, yeah there is some bitchiness but compared to how much love and help everyone shares you hardly see it. I love knowing I have made some great friends on twitter, and love how friendly people have been to me. I hope in the future I am able to meet some bloggers, attend events and make some real life-long friends. 
6. Do you have any beauty tips anyone reading should know? 
I get bad skin, acne and scarring and always thought I'd never be able to cover it. With a full coverage foundation (I use kat von dee or two faced) collection 2000 concealer and body shop powder, your skin will look flawless. I'm not great with beauty tips since it is all trial and error and I try so many different things out. But I have learned this over the years and it works fantastically.  
7. You're posting a beauty/fashion haul, what are the 5 brands we will definitely see in there? 
Fashion wise, Primark is obviously going to be there, I love primark fashion its affordable and so cute! New look is also my go to, it always has great summer clothing especially!! Pretty little thing or miss guided is my go to for going out type of clothing! They are great quality and always look amazing. Last but not least beauty wise would have to be makeup revolution, their eye shadow palettes are amazing and cheap and so pigmented. 

 8. What led you to start your own blog and what has your experience been like so far? 

 So I have had a blog for roughly 3 years I think, not sure exactly! I started it after looking into what I wanted to do when I grew up. So I want to go into fashion marketing, and I found out that this can be quite a competitive job. I decided to start a blog to try make myself a bit more interesting so university's would be more likely to take me on, and then companies may see it and think I'm the type of person they want to work for them. I love blogging and although I have been off and on this year I have been really interested in blogging and trying very hard. I just hope it all pays off! 
9. Do you like to cook? what is your favourite food of all time? 

 I love love love to cook! I love most food, however, I also can come off as picky! I don't eat much meat, only chicken or turkey really, so this is why some people think I'm picky! My favourite food ever is Chicken Tikka Marsala from an Indian. If I was to make myself food it would be chicken in a spicy tomato sauce with veg. Quite boring but I absolutely love it! 

 10. Are you a money saver or a money thrower? Do you wait for the sales or something to be reduced or do you just buy things whenever? 

 Bit of both I suppose, I save money a lot not necessarily for clothes but more travel or future plans such as buying a house. When it comes to clothes I will try look out for sales or discounts, but I will tend to just buy it whenever. I always try to get my student discount though! 

 11. What would your dream home look like? What colours would we see, would there be themes throughout each room? 

 I've always thought about this, but honestly, I love so many styles and themes its impossible to know. I like very homey feels. I'd want my living room to be cream with nice comfy sofas probably navy or maroon, with throws and rugs and hopefully a fireplace perhaps. I would want different themes depending on the room but I have no idea what I'd want. I love bright colours for a kitchen for example and calmer cooler colours for a bedroom. I just hope to have maybe a 3 bedroom with a gorgeous view, if I still lived in Swansea I would want a view of the beach definitely. 

 Thanks again for nominating me, you can find her here 

 My questions for who I tag are here: 

 1. Whats one thing you have accomplished or done this year that you are proud of? 
2. Who are your biggest inspirations? 
3. What is your dream career? 
4. What are your top 5 favourite beauty products? 
5. How do you feel about the blogging community? 
6. If you could travel anywhere you wanted, money wasn't a problem where would you go? 
7. What is your favourite thing about yourself? 
8. From start to finish what is your go to makeup? 
9. What are your favourite hobbies and why? 
10. Why did you decide to start a blog? 
11. Whats your 5 goals for this year? 

I am nominating  
Go check them all out, it was hard finding people who haven't already done the Liebster award! 
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