Tuesday, 18 July 2017

My Favourite ways to unwind after a stressful day

Recently my life has been extremely overwhelming and stressful. I don't always cope awfully well with this, but I have found a few ways to unwind after having an extra stressful day. I find they tend to calm me down, relax me and prepare me to think straight and get ready for the next day ahead. It's just like having a bit of me time, which everyone should have for their own mental state. We don't ever seem to look after ourselves when we are stressed, which can make a situation far worse. So here are my favourite ways to unwind after a stressful day.

Treating myself

Depending on how my bank account is looking. I find a great way to unwind is to treat myself to some new clothes, beauty or homeware. This tends to take my mind off anything stressful that has happened in the day. It also makes me feel happier over the next few days knowing I have clothes to wear or things to try out. It can help make the days after little less stressful. I'll normally check out for sales on missguided, pretty little thing or boohoo.

Watching Netflix

I find it is a great way to relax, is binge watching a show on Netflix which I am loving at the time. Currently got Orange is the new black as well as prison break and wanting to start GOT soon. I got a lot to choose from. I tend to do this in bed, and usually, have some snacks to eat as well. I make sure all my pillows are comfy and I have a hot water bottle if I'm cold. I just love the ultimate comfort to make me feel calmer and happier.


You may or may not have heard of this, basically, it's an app. My doctor recommended it to me when I was feeling extremely anxious during exams. At first, I will admit I thought it was nonsense, I didn't get it and felt it had no impact on me. The more I tried however the better I found it helped. It's basically someone talking to you, telling you to focus on your breathing and noises around you, that type of thing. It really helps me feel relaxed and a lot calmer afterwards. It is great for people with anxiety, if it doesn't work first time, keep giving it a go.

Have a bath

This is probably my top favourite. It can't just be any random bath though. I need bath bombs, or bubble baths, or both. I like candles and calming music playing and to top it off I need a face mask. This I find is my favourite way to relax and unwind. I then just lay there and close my eyes and just let my troubles go away, even for that little bit. For extra stressful days instead of listening to music I will use the app 'Headspace' this is fantastic for people with anxiety or wanting to practice mindfulness.

Have a catch up with friends

This is something I don't get to do very often, normally because it can be hard to get everyone together. I do try though to plan something even if it's in 3 weeks time, where we will get together to go for food, drinks or whatever. Just have a catch-up and enjoy time with friends. This can be a great way to relax and take your mind off your day, as spending time with friends is always fun. I find if you have anxiety, this can be hard for you, I do find it quite hard to make plans. So I am sometimes spontaneous when I don't feel so anxious and just make plans with any friends that are free, this can be a great way as well so you don't have to stress further about going out.

Organise yourself

If you're like me, I'm quite an organised person, and I find if I don't feel organised it can stress me out further. So a way for me to relax is to organise myself, such as tidying my room, planning my week ahead, creating to-dos lists etc. Everything like this helps me, but may not help others. It just depends on you as a person.

After speaking to other people they have said they also find a bath with candles, bath bombs and music is a perfect way to relax. Some people even said a cup of tea is a great way for them to relax after a stressful day. I really hope these ideas help you if you're having particularly stressful days. I am going to be writing a post specifically about anxiety, how I realised I had it and the steps I'm taking to help myself. I think this will help other people speak out about their own mental health, and hopefully help just get rid of the stigma behind it all. 

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Friday, 14 July 2017

The Natural Beauty Tag

I first heard of this tag when a group of bloggers joined a DM group on twitter and I asked if they had any blog post ideas, as I had basically hit a wall. Pretty sure we all know this feeling. Anna from asparkleofgrace told me about a new tag her and beautyfromkatie had created called, 'The Natural Beauty Tag'. I loved the idea of it and she was kind enough to let me do it. So here is my Natural Beauty Tag.

What do you love most about your skin?
I don't tan really but I do go a sort of glowy colour and get freckles in a way I kind of like. I think it makes me look healthy and just generally makes me feel happier in myself. I am very self conscious of my skin in general. I know it could be a lot worse with the acne I have had, so I do love the amount of scars which have faded so I am more confident. 

What is your biggest skin concern?
Acne scarring or blemishes. I am almost 20 now and still suffering from blemishes and when they go I have scars to show for them. These have faded a fair deal from using fantastic products, but I am still aware of them and it makes me very self conscious to go out without any makeup on. I am trying to get past this and wear less makeup and just be happy in my own skin (easier said than done) I have found products which help though so less of a concern than it used to be.

Do you tend to use skincare/haircare products from one brand or do you switch them up?
Normally switch it up. I have tried in the past to use skincare from one brand to see if it helps my skin more. (Don't find it makes any difference), so now I just use what I think works best for my skin and hair. I do use no7 for moisturisers but then different cleansers etc. Hair products as bad as it is I do just tend to use the cheapest, compared to my skin which I don't mind paying a bit more.

How does your skincare routine change throughout the seasons?
Quite honestly it doesn't. I know it probably should because my skin will e less oily during certain seasons, but I always use the same products and just try new ones out now and again no matter of the season. I used to just use SPF skincare in summer, but I have even changed this to being all year round as it is better for your skin.

At what age did you start or will you start using anti-ageing products?
I do use anti-ageing eye cream but this is it. I am still 19, and I will start looking into different anti-ageing products soon, but for now I am happy with what I have. Probably in the next couple years I will begin using them. By 25-30 I should have a routine sorted out (I hope).

What do you do to rescue your skin when it feels tired and gross?
Face masks!!! I have a blog post about this already, but body shop face masks are the best for my skin they rejuvenate it to feel soft and glowy and are just incredible. Otherwise moisturiser by no7 the one specific for oily skin night and day. They also help make me feel more awake in the morning when my skin isn't looking too great,

What are your go-to skincare products?
No7 moisturisers for oily skin and Body shop face masks. Otherwise I have not found anything exactly which is my 'go to' I test a variety of washes out to see which is best. Currently trying Liz Earle and kinda loving it, so right now it would be my go to. I also use No7 eye cream but this is because I haven't actually tried any others so I couldn't say if it is good or not, seems to do the job.

Do you think that organic or all-natural ingredients truly make a difference in skincare or haircare?
Yes I do but I don't always act on that. By this I mean I do think organic and natural ingredients will always be better for hair and skin, but if I find a cheaper one with not all natural ingredients I am probably more likely to go for that. It is about testing them out, but in my opinion if its natural there shouldn't be anything harsh to hurt you in anyway. 

What type of hair do you have?
I'm not exactly sure where to begin explaining or even how. Its naturally wavy I suppose, like beach waves however if I haven't hair sprayed or used a textured spray it will get frizzier during the day. It is dark brown to a lighter brown slightly blond ends. I have only ever dyed it brown or ombre so it isn't super damaged. My dream was always to have curly hair but I am happy with the hair I have, means I don't always have to style it.

Do you like to wear your hair naturally or do you usually style it?
Normally I wear it natural, I won't style it unless I am going somewhere as a special occasion, but even then I might not style it and just add a beach spray and some volume to it. I prefer it this way and takes a lot less time and effort. Plus I know I am not wrecking my hair like I have done in the past.

How do you keep your hair healthy?
Not styling it I suppose if that keeps it healthy. Hairdressers have said my hair is in good condition, I don't use any special hair mask even though I probably should, I just wash it and condition it and let it dry natural. I don't blow dry my hair or style it what so ever. This is what keeps it healthiest I think.

Do you feel like there is a misconception about beauty bloggers being dependent on makeup?
Yes 100% some people like myself wear makeup to make them feel more confident and happier in their skin. However I do still love makeup, if I didn't want to wear it for confidence I would wear it just because it is super fun and I feel great. This is how every woman and man who wears makeup should feel. Wear it because you love makeup and love practising and perfecting the art it is. I love going out mainly because I get to go super over dramatic on the makeup, one of my favourite things to do.

I do hope you have enjoyed reading this and like the tag. Go check out the blogs who started it
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Tuesday, 11 July 2017

My favourite facemasks for acne prone skin

Being someone who has always suffered from blemishes and extremely oily skin, I have tried pretty much everything there is on the market that is supposedly meant to help to control them and help. I have just about found a skin care routine which works for me currently. My skin isn't perfect, however, my scars from acne are fading and I get nowhere near as many blemishes as I used to. I believe this is down to a variety of things, such as better diet, drinking more water and also finding products which help my skin.

Some of these products are face masks. I love doing face masks I find it is a great way to feel like I am pampering myself and helping my skin. I have tried so many types of facemasks and believe I've found the best for acne prone/oily skin. If you have dry skin or combination, I can't say whether these will work for you, however, some of the brands may offer some which could so I hope this helps.

I use 3 main facemasks, however, I have more which I do like to use for different things such as before I go out and do my makeup, I have certain facemasks for times like that.

The Body Shop

Two of my top favourite face masks come from the body shop. One is to control oily skin and one is to control blemishes. Both I love and both I find really help as long as they are used roughly 2-3 times a week. I have gotten into a nice routine now where I do try to do this at least twice a week and have seen great results.

Seaweed oil-balancing clay mask

This mask is so perfect for people with oily skin, I find I use this and afterward use a moisturiser specific for oily skin also and this helps stop my skin feeling so oily.

Tea Tree - skin clearing clay mask

I am actually wearing this while writing this post. I love it, it feels fantastic on the skin and leaves my skin feeling so soft and really helps reduce redness and prevent blemishes.

Anti-Pollution Facial masque Oil Balancing

This mask is from sukin, I had never heard of this before and had it for Christmas. It is a lovely mask which really balances oily skin. I tend to go between this and my body shop on. I like this one as it is anti-pollution and states 'skincare that doesn't cost the earth'.

These are my 3 main face masks I use. However, as I said I do like to try ones for going out to give my skin a glow. These tend to be the anatomicals facemasks. I don't have one to show, but you can buy them in a variety of places. Urban Outfitters is one of them.

They have loads of different ones, you can also purchase them here

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Sunday, 9 July 2017

Pretty little thing | Wish list

Summer is probably my favourite time of year for clothing. I feel more confident like I am able to wear some really out going clothing, and people won't pay as much attention as they would during winter or any of time. I think this is because Summer is holiday season and festival season. Two things which involves bright colours and just generally gorgeous unique clothing.

I sadly am not going to a festival, however I am going to Thailand for a month for Camp Thailand (I am beyond excited) which means I do get to look for exciting holiday clothes. I created a wish list of a few of the things I am loving from pretty little thing. They always have such great deals and right now its summer sale is 50% off as well as other discounts like 20% everything ending tonight!!! SLAY20 is the code.

Here is what I am loving...

I can't get over the choice of gorgeous clothing for such good prices! Here is just a snippet of the items I love, there is so much more on the website. Everything worn here is from my pretty little thing.

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Monday, 3 July 2017

Brighton | My Trip

Firstly I want to apologise for being so inactive recently, I don't really have an excuse. I have finished college and will be starting university in September, however, things have been very hectic and very overwhelming recently. So I decided to take some time out. I am back now and excited to get back into blogging and creating some exciting posts to read.

I wanted to start with my trip to Brighton. I recently came back from a few days away in Brighton, I had never been before and honestly can say I will 100% be going back! I loved it!!! I took so many photos and got to go to a load of exciting cafes and restaurants and see so many unique and interesting places. The lanes were one of my favourite places, very cute and interesting, especially the independent stores on them. These sell incredible things like jewellery, chocolate, candles, homeware etc. Anything you want, you can find it there. I just loved it so much.

Here are some photos from my trip.

I would recommend Brighton to anyone, the pier is amazing fun for all ages! They have ghost walks, cute cafes, gorgeous restaurants and parks, great shops, lovely beach and so much more!

Hope you enjoyed
Rhianne x